The city of Krk


Krk appears elegant and harmonious when you approach it from the sea. Its historical nucleus is the widest on the southern part and extends by the sea. Becoming more and more narrow, the town is settling up to the north, creating the town nest inside the walls. All the roofs are standing in the perfect balance, except four bell towers which are projecting straight to the sky. Among them, there is the dominant cathedral bell tower which is also guard and messenger, a sonorous lantern. Underneath, between the indecision and passing by, the generations are observing each other.

Our advice is to go away from the crowd of harbour and the main square. It is better to look for quiet small streets and squares, because those are the places where all the essence is contained. We are talking about those most hidden special angles where the time is settling dust on the doors and the cobweb is protecting them from the opening. You should escape from the crowd to meet Krk in details which distinguish it from every other town emerged from the past and plunged into the see.

There is one more advice for your particular experience of Krk: regardless of you like to sleep, or you are used to wake up early, reward yourself with an early morning scene. With an intact and pale calm see, the fishermen’s ships companied with numerous sea gulls are arriving in the harbour… You should hurry through the town to the harbour: Krk is waiting for you!
If you take our advices to get to know the town of Krk, we belive that Krk will attract you. If you like to get it on your palm, you should come also in spring, autumn and winter. You should appertain to Krk to discover that it is made to the measure of men.

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